Doug Wingfield was born in Arkansas but has lived mostly in Texas.  He believes that when people think of the South, they picture sweet tea, country music, big hair and the word “y’all.”  Doug really likes tea, badly sings country music, does not have big hair and “y’all” is a word in his everyday vocabulary.  One of his fond childhood memories was sitting on his Grandma’s front porch with a sweaty tall glass of sweet tea, eating vanilla ice cream out of a plastic bowl as the warm summer air blew across his face.  Grandma or Granny always said that to be successful in this world, one had to think about how you made other people feel and always be honest.  She, in effect, was grooming a southern gentleman without his knowledge!  Due to Granny’s influence, it is ingrained in Doug to always step up his game.  He believes that everyone deserves to be listened to and treated with respect. 
His varied work experiences have taught Doug how to manage time and anticipate possible obstacles. After a brief stint in the Air Force in the mid-1980s, Doug became interested in property management. He relocated to Dallas from El Paso in 1990 and managed several multi-family properties and a staff of 20. In the capacity as an AVP / Trust Officer with Bank of America, he assisted his clients with the purchase, sale, and management of high-end properties throughout the Dallas area. 
 After purchasing his second home in 1997, his real estate broker suggested he leave his current position and come work with her.  On a leap of faith, Doug left his corporate job and jumped into the field of real estate sales.  Success was immediate. On his first full day as a Realtor®, Doug sold a home and on his third day, he listed one.  He had found a new passion in his life: to help people achieve the dream of homeownership. 
His first years as a real estate agent displayed his tenacity for successful transactions as he was the top producer in his office and was presented with the President’s Award for sales volume at a former brokerage. 
 As a real estate Broker, Doug owned and operated a residential real estate company.  Seeking to familiarize himself with a broader range of ideas and how to better serve his clients, he joined the exceptional team at Christie's International Real Estate ULTERRE in 2019. 
Doug prefers to sell homes within the Dallas metro area with much of his business concentrated in the Eastern part of the City but has ventured as far North as Sherman, TX, and East to Greenville, TX.   Much of Doug’s business is word-of-mouth.  Eighty-seven percent of his sales can be traced to referrals from past and current clients. He has sold homes as far north as the Sherman area, as far south as Cedar Hill and from Forth Worth to Terrell.  The Dallas metro area is his real estate playground.  
Doug strives to provide a southern hospitality experience, just as his Granny would have wanted. This entails a fun and exciting transaction from beginning to end while exhibiting both grit and determination.  Real estate transactions aren't simple.  Buying or selling a home is a high-stake, stressful situation involving emotions and major decisions.  Clients need a Broker who will work tirelessly on their behalf.  With Doug’s decades of experience, he has encountered many challenges during the transaction.  Through thoughtful planning, strategic thinking, and genuine goodwill, he has helped his clients overcome each obstacle. 
Outside of real estate, Doug enjoys spending time with his partner, Philip, and their two dogs at their home in the Enclave at Grove Hill neighborhood in East Dallas.  They have a second home in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where they go to watch the wildlife and unwind.  Doug, a professed spiritual junkie, loves to read books on spirituality and studying his newest fascination: how quantum physics affects human behavior.  Travels in Europe are favorite destinations.  Sketching, sitting quietly outside or floating in the pool is how he rests his mind. 
Doug has volunteered his time with the Resource Center of Dallas, Reading Partners (a children's literacy nonprofit) and First United Methodist Church of Dallas. Doug is a supporter of the Dallas Museum of Art, the North Texas Food Bank and is a member of a large group of arboretums throughout the country.